A new treatment for advanced prostate cancer with improved response and low side effects

University of BradfordDr Jason Gill£257,8162011 - 2014

Why We Funded It:

This project will investigate a potential new treatment for prostate cancer by employing a drug delivery system that will limit side effects by specifically acting against tumour cells only.  The available treatment options for men with advanced prostate cancer are currently limited, and the side effects of many standard cancer treatments are severe. This research may provide us with some answers on how to treat tumours without causing harm to healthy cells, thus preventing treatment side effects.  This would be a significant advance to increase the survival and the quality of life of men with advanced prostate cancer.


Scientific Title: Development of tumour-selective therapeutics for advanced prostate cancer.

Research project summary:

The aim of this project is to develop new types of drugs for prostate cancer which are inactive in the body until they come into contact with the tumour. Specific proteins in tumour cells (called MMPs) will become active and cause the release of a very potent chemotherapeutic drug. This means the drug will have a better effect specifically against the tumour, and will have much lower side effects. The proposed strategy will deliver much higher amounts of the drug directly to the tumour and will avoid unwanted side effects that result from the presence of the active drug in other parts of the body. This will lead to better treatment with reduced side effects and better quality of life for men with advanced prostate cancer.


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Peer reviewer quote

"This research application proposes to develop novel therapeutic strategies for advanced drug resistant prostate cancer, an area of urgent unmet medical need. This proposal builds on this groups' previous work, is well-thought out and could be reasonably achieved within the timelines and resources of this proposal."