A new strategy to stop growth factors in advanced prostate cancer

University of CambridgeDr Satoshi Hori£64,6612011 - 2013

Why We Funded It:


New innovative ways of treating advanced prostate cancer are urgently needed to help men's chances of survival when diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. This is a jointly funded project with the MRC to support high calibre clinical scientists in their early career development.


Scientific Title: Role of the endogenous signalling regulator Similar Expression to FGF (Sef) in growth factor signalling in prostate cancer.


Research project summary:

This project will test if increasing levels of a gene called Sef in prostate cancer cells can improve the efficacy of current treatments that block molecules called growth factors, and thus prevent prostate cancer progression. Many men with prostate cancer will develop an advanced form of disease that no longer responds to hormone therapy. This process is driven in part by growth factors. This project is to investigate a gene called Sef which functions as a strong natural inhibitor of growth factors. The aim is to test if increasing Sef in prostate tumours can enhance treatment designed to block growth factors. If successful, this will offer a new way to treat men with advanced prostate cancer.