A new approach to delivery of super potent drugs to prostate tumours

University of BathProfessor Mike Threadgill£101,9922009 - 2012

Why we funded it

Professor Threadgill's team has a wide range of expertise in designing tumour-selective drug delivery systems and new anticancer drugs. This project could lead towards a new selective approach to selective chemotherapy of prostate cancer.

Scientific title

A new approach to delivery of super potent drugs to prostate tumours

Research project summary

Professor Threadgill's group are attempting to develop a new molecular drug system to treat prostate cancer. The team hopes this system will concentrate drugs in prostate tumours and release drugs toxic to cells in a highly selective fashion, avoiding release outside the prostate. They are planning to attach drugs to a non-toxic delivery molecule called PEG, which is attracted to solid tumours like prostate cancer, thus creating a delivery system for the drug which only becomes active once it has reached its targeted destination. The drug molecules will be joined to the PEG through a link that is designed to be broken by the PSA enzyme. As PSA is present only in the prostate, drugs will be delivered in an active form only to prostate cells and the tumour. This should then kill the tumour cells highly effectively and with fewer side effects from cell death in other tissues and organs.