Our Quality Checklist helps make good care a reality for all men with prostate cancer.

Men face a postcode lottery when accessing prostate cancer services across the country. This is unacceptable. Our Quality Checklist tackles these inequalities by setting out the care and support men should expect to receive whether in:

Wales or
Northern Ireland

We spoke to people affected by prostate cancer and healthcare professionals to develop the Checklist. We want local NHS bodies to sign up to our Quality Checklist to commit to providing top quality care and support for all men with prostate cancer.

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We have been working with politicians and the NHS since 2012 to get the Checklist adopted across the UK. Here's our progress:

Northern Ireland

We launched our Checklist in the Northern Ireland Assembly on 2 October 2014. 14 MLAs (Members of the Legislative Assembly) attended the event. The Chief Medical Officer for Northern Ireland has agreed to meet with us to discuss prostate cancer issues in greater depth.

Anything which informs and encourages men, such as this checklist, to investigate and report concerns in this area is very welcome.

- - Jim Wells MLA, Health Minister


We’re delighted that the Minister for Health & Social Services, Professor Mark Drakeford AM, has endorsed the Checklist. He said: "The Quality Checklist correlates well with our aims set out in our Cancer Deliver Plan. Patients should have access to a key worker to support them through the care pathway and have the opportunity to have their needs captured in a care plan."


We are currently working on a new project looking at how we can ensure that the treatment and support pathways for men are right, focussing on a few areas in England and Scotland. Our vision of great care, encapsulated by the Checklist, will be at the heart of how we work with local NHS, and other partners, to improve the care men receive.


Eleven health boards have said they will work with us on implementing the Checklist. We're asking them to give out the Checklist to diagnosed men and commit to providing the support it sets out. We'll do what we can to support health staff - for example with our education programme and award-winning information.

Below are some of the MLAs, MPs and MSPs who support the Checklist.