The Prostate Cancer Charity comments on draft guidelines from NICE on the use of cabazitaxel for men with prostate cancer

The Prostate Cancer Charity comments on new draft guidance issued by NICE today (30 September) that it is not recommending the use of cabazitaxel as a treatment for men with advanced prostate cancer.

Owen Sharp, Chief Executive of The Prostate Cancer Charity, explains: "Cabazitaxel is an important treatment, only recently licenced for use here in the UK, which can help to extend the lives of men in the final stages of prostate cancer for whom existing treatments have stopped working. These men currently have very few treatment options open to them when their cancer reaches this advanced stage.  Increasing the number of treatments that may extend the lives of these men and allow them to spend precious time with their families is essential.

"We believe that every man with prostate cancer must be able to access any licenced treatment for the disease, if their doctor believes it will be beneficial. It is disappointing to see that NICE does not believe that cabazitaxel is a treatment it can recommend at this stage.

"It is important to remember that this announcement is not final, and that the appraisal process is still ongoing. We hope that further data on the difference this drug can make to the quality of life for men with advanced prostate cancer will help to strengthen the case for NICE to recommend that it be made available to men across England and Wales on the NHS. We hope that the drug's manufacturer are able to supply this information so that NICE can consider this new data as soon as it ready.

"In the meantime, any man wishing to gain access to this new treatment should speak to their doctor to find out whether it could be suitable for them, and how they may be able to access the drug locally."