Professor Jonathan Waxman takes on epic cycling challenge for charity

One of the UK's most well known and respected names in prostate cancer research and treatment, Jonathan Waxman, Professor of Oncology at Imperial College London, will be switching his white coat for Lycra, when he cycles from Cornwall to London this week, to help raise funds and awareness for The Prostate Cancer Charity.

Jonathan, who founded the Charity in 1996 and is now President, will be joined by four of his friends, John Malone, Roy Carson, Tomasz Piechnik and Keith Hayley in the gruelling challenge, cycling over 300 miles from Cornwall to London in just five days. Their ride begins at Withiel on Thursday 21 July, finishing in London on Monday 25 July.

Jonathan founded the Charity, at a time when prostate cancer rarely made the headlines. Little funding into prostate cancer existed, and for men living with the disease, the standard treatment to prevent the action of testosterone, a factor implicated in the spread of prostate cancer, was castration or the administration of the female hormone, oestrogen.

The Charity became the first organisation in the UK to promote research and support, putting prostate cancer on the map. Jonathan also helped establish an All Party Parliamentary Group to improve cancer treatment and developed and led successful media campaigns, including a high profile campaign with The Daily Mail, which raised more than £1 million.

Speaking ahead of the ride, Jonathan said: "We're just a bunch of old and unhealthy guys, who in a moment of madness, thought that cycling from Cornwall to London would be a good idea!  The most I've cycled is six miles on my commute to work and some of the group didn't even own bikes until recently, so I can safely say that this will be a real challenge for all of us. However saddle sore I get, it will be worth it because we're all doing it to raise funds for The Prostate Cancer Charity."

Chief Executive of The Prostate Cancer Charity, Owen Sharp said: "Thanks to Jonathan's tireless campaigning, and his role in pioneering the development of new treatments for prostate cancer, the landscape has completely changed. Now in his role as President, Jonathan continues to support the Charity and we're truly grateful to him and his friends who are embarking on this ride to raise funds, we wish them the very best of luck."

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