The Prostate Cancer Charity comments on a new study examining prostate cancer screening

The Prostate Cancer Charity comments on new research, published in British Medical Journal, which examines the impact of prostate cancer screening on mortality.

Dr Sarah Cant, Head of Policy & Campaigns for The Prostate Cancer Charity said:  "Whilst this research suggests that screening men for prostate cancer doesn't reduce the number of men dying from the disease, this was a relatively small study and not all the screening rounds used the PSA test*, which is the most effective test we have at the moment to indicate prostate problems that might be cancer.

"We know from another larger study that screening using the PSA test can reduce mortality rates. However, this previous trial showed that screening can lead to many men undergoing unnecessary treatment for a harmless prostate cancer. The Prostate Cancer Charity therefore doesn't believe there is enough evidence yet to support a screening programme.

"We know that only two thirds of men over 50 know about the PSA test, so  our Testing Choices campaign calls for better information for all men over 50 about the PSA test and its pros and cons, so they can decide whether or not it is right for them."

*The PSA test is a blood test that can indicate problems with the prostate that might be cancer.