The Prostate Cancer Charity comments on research into genetic sequencing

The Prostate Cancer Charity's Research Manager, Dr Kate Holmes, said: "This is one of the first studies to examine the sequence and structure of the genetic code as a whole, rather than one or more single genes alone. This has allowed the researchers to identify specific patterns where large disruptions in the structure of the genetic code have taken place. These disruptions can rearrange the way genes fit together and the way they function, which is often associated with the development of aggressive prostate cancer.

"This is interesting research that highlights a new approach to understanding the way prostate cancer develops. However, only 14 tissue biopsy samples were analysed in total. The next stage will be to repeat the study on a much larger scale, which will be an extensive piece of work. In order for this research to benefit men, a method for simpler, rapid detection of these genetic changes in prostate biopsy samples would also need to be developed."