Charity comments on possible link between vitamin E and increased risk of prostate cancer

The Prostate Cancer Charity comments on new research, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) which suggests that men who took vitamin E supplements were more likely to develop the disease than those who did not.

Dr Helen Rippon, Head of Research Management at The Prostate Cancer Charity, explains: "This new large-scale research radically challenges the hope that vitamin E and selenium supplements might be an effective way for men to reduce their risk of developing prostate cancer. Rather, the researchers have shown that, far from being protective, selenium has no effect upon prostate cancer rates in men, whilst  excessive levels of vitamin E actually increases a man's risk of getting the disease considerably.

"Dietary supplements are often taken without the advice of medical professionals as they are often seen as risk free - but as this important new study shows, the true effects of these supplements are not always clear.

"Unfortunately for men, this means that a simple dietary supplement to protect against prostate cancer remains elusive. Therefore, any man wishing to reduce their risk of the disease should stick to a healthy, balanced diet which will ensure they get the right level of vitamins and minerals they need, without supplements."