Helpline Survey

We are monitoring the quality of our Helpline and are interested in your recent experience of using the service. We would like to hear your feedback to ensure we provide a high standard of care to people who call our Helpline and continue to improve our service.

The survey should take about 10-15 minutes and it is completely anonymous. Any information you give in the questionnaire will remain confidential.

The questionnaire is broken down in three parts

Part 1: Quality of the Helpline service - Asks questions about how easy or difficult it was to contact the Helpline and the length of time you had to wait for to speak to a nurse.

Part 2: Reason for Calling - Asks questions about your recent conversation with a Helpline nurse, the reason why you contacted us and your overall view of the service.

Part 3: Information about you - This will help us to monitor the profile of the people using the service and help us make sure we are reaching different age groups, geographical regions and people from different ethnic groups.

Complete our survey

If you experience any problems whilst completing the survey please contact Sheba Qureshi on 0208 222 7150 or