Ken Hom speaks out about his prostate cancer

The world renowned chef, regarded as the final word in Chinese cuisine, decided to speak out about his journey with prostate cancer in a bid to ensure other men become more vigilant and act upon any concerns. Ken's cancer was an aggressive form of the disease, but luckily contained within the prostate gland.

He said: "My initial reaction was one of shock. No one wants to find out they have a time-bomb in their body. I swim almost daily, eat a healthy diet, drink lots of green tea and had no symptoms - cancer was the last thing on my mind."

"I have chosen to speak out about my experiences of prostate cancer to try and help other men be less afraid if they are diagnosed and to seek help as soon as possible. It is terribly important to catch aggressive prostate cancer early. All men need to know that prostate cancer exists. Let's not walk around with blindfolds on and let machoism be the death of us," he urged.

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