Who you can talk to

Whether you need to speak to someone about prostate cancer research or services, fundraising challenges or charity policies and campaigns, we have a variety of fully trained spokespeople who will be able to assist.

Specialist Nurses

Whether you wish to add depth to a radio programme, or add a fact box to a feature article, our team of Specialist Nurses is available to answer a range of questions - from possible signs and symptoms of prostate cancer, to the impact a diagnosis can have on the whole family.

Researchers and clinical advisors

The Charity's aim is to encourage, support and fund research into the causes, prevention, treatment and impact of prostate cancer on men and their families.

We have a number of scientists and clinical advisors who are available for interview to discuss their work - from research into the development of the disease to the impact on carers of men with prostate cancer.

Other Key Spokespeople

We also have a range of spokespeople available who are experts in their field and adept at providing information to print, broadcast and online media.

Owen Sharp - Chief Executive

Owen maintains the strategic overview of the Charity. He is an expert on the issues facing men living with the disease in the UK. A leading member of a number of NHS advisory groups, Owen can be contacted to comment upon all issues affecting prostate cancer, from emerging mortality trends to research and campaigning.

Mark Bishop - Director of Fundraising

Mark directs the Charity's Fundraising campaigns and initiatives and is available to comment upon any aspect of this activity, from corporate partnerships to events and trends in giving.   

Dr Sarah Cant - Director of Policy and Campaigns

Sarah can be contacted to discuss the Charity's growing policy and campaigning activity, from the quality of care that men receive, to the need to increase the number of clinical nurse specialists and the need to improve access to information and support services to help men cope with the impact of the disease.

Heather Blake - Director of Services

Heather is responsible for the delivery of all of the charity's services and developing new services across the country which will improve the support to men living with prostate cancer and prostate disease. Heather is available to comment upon any aspect of this activity.

Dr Iain Frame - Director of Research

Iain is the charity's Director of Research, and is available to discuss the development and implementation of our ambitious new research strategy.