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Press releases

Critics say they're unreliable, but Simon's wife made him have a PSA test - and it saved his life

<p><span>Simon D'arcy, a supporter of The Prostate Cancer Charity, <span>spoke</span> to <a href="" target="_blank">The Daily Mail</a> about his <span>experiences of</span> prostate cancer, following the advice of his wife, a practice nurse,&nbsp;who persuaded him to <span>get checked for the disease</span>.</span></p>

Hope for better prostate cancer testing

<p><span>Dr Kate Holmes, Research Manager at The Prostate Cancer Charity, spoke to&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">The Daily Mail</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">The Scotsman</a> about <span>new</span> research, <span>into</span> develop<span>ing</span> a more accurate test for prostate cancer based on a person's DNA.</span></p>

Chief Executive, John Neate, blogs about the pros and cons of PSA test

<p><span>John Neate, Chief Executive&nbsp;of The Prostate Cancer Charity, continued the debate&nbsp;around the&nbsp;UK National Screening Committee's recent&nbsp;decision&nbsp;in an exclusive blog&nbsp;for <a href="" target="_blank">The Guardian&nbsp;Online</a>.</span></p>

The Prostate Cancer Charity responds to the UK National Screening Committee announcement

<p>John Neate, Chief Executive of The Prostate Cancer Charity,&nbsp;gave his reaction to&nbsp;the&nbsp;UK National Screening Committee&nbsp;decision&nbsp;not to recommend&nbsp;a screening&nbsp;programme for prostate cancer.&nbsp;The Charity's comments were featured in the <a href="" target="_blank">Sunday Mail</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">BBC News Online</a>.</p>

Daily Mail

<p>Dr Helen Rippon, Head of Research at&nbsp;The Prostate Cancer Charity, responded to new research, which has uncovered a&nbsp;protein that turns healthy prostate cells into potentially deadly cancerous&nbsp;cells.&nbsp;Dr Rippon's comments were featured in the <a href=""> Daily&nbsp;Mail</a>.</p>

BBC News 24 and Sky News

<p>Dr Sarah Cant, Head of Policy and Campaigns and Ruth Holdaway, Head of Operations and Marketing Communications at The Prostate Cancer Charity took part in pre-recorded interviews on BBC News 24 and Sky News respectively to discuss new research, which has revealed that the length of a man's index finger in relation to his ring finger could provide clues to his risk of developing prostate cancer.</p>

Movember 2010

<p>The Prostate Cancer Charity's Chief Executive, John Neate, spoke to the London Metro newspaper about the impact of Movember&nbsp;on the lives of men and their families affected by&nbsp;prostate cancer.</p>

BBC Breakfast celebrates the end of Movember

<p><span>BBC Breakfast News featured a round-up of Movember to&nbsp;celebrate the success of the campaign. Journalist, Peter Clarke, who sported a Mo for the month, spoke about losing his mother to breast cancer, as well as the need to raise awareness of prostate cancer. Celebrity moustached man, Dick Strawbridge, was also interviewed about his famed Mo and his support of&nbsp;The Prostate Cancer Charity.</span></p>

The length of man's fingers could indicate prostate cancer risk

<p><span>Dr Helen Rippon,&nbsp;Head of&nbsp;&nbsp;Research at The Prostate Cancer Charity, spoke to <a href="">BBC News Online</a> about new research, which has revealed that the length of a man's fingers could provide clues to his risk of developing&nbsp;prostate cancer.</span></p>