True NTH

True NTH is a global initiative, led by the Movember Foundation, tackling critical areas of prostate cancer care. The international network of representatives includes clinicians, academics, patients and organisations from across the UK, Canada, Australia and other countries. Through this initiative we’re working together to identify and demonstrate the best and most cost-effective models for improving prostate cancer survivorship care and support.

The aim

True NTH seeks to significantly improve the lives and experiences of men with prostate cancer, as well as the experience of their partners, carers and family members.

Fundamentally, the programme is about making a step change in survivorship outcomes for men with prostate cancer. The partnership will improve the way in which we all work together to address the needs of men along all points of their cancer journey, helping them achieve a good quality of life and to feel knowledgeable and confident about managing their condition.

Success will be seen as widespread adoption of new models of care that show marked improvements in outcomes for men.

We believe this will be achieved by:

  • demonstration – what we’ve done and how
  • evidence – proof of impact
  • dissemination and engagement – sharing and supporting learning

True NTH in the UK

In the UK, the True NTH partnership of healthcare professionals, academics and volunteers is being managed by Prostate Cancer UK. 

It’s a three year programme, with five ground-breaking survivorship projects, selected because of the need for significant improvement in each area and their potential to make the biggest impact on the lives of men living with prostate cancer.

The five projects are listed below:

There may be opportunities to get involved in and support these projects. If you have a specific enquiry about True NTH or one of the above projects, please email