Being a patient representative

Kenneth has participated in a number of focus groups for Prostate Cancer UK.
We asked him how he came to Prostate Cancer UK and the benefits of being a part of focus groups.


Kenneth JeffersWhen did you become a volunteer with the charity?

"I was diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer in May 2006 and have since been treated with Hormone Therapy and Radiotherapy. I think I am defying medical science as I was given 3 years to live back in 2006! So I first became involved in 2007 when I took part in a focus group looking at the future policies of the charity. Since then I have taken part in a number of other focus groups, all giving me the opportunity to contribute my views based on my experience and to hear the views of other volunteers."

What benefits do focus groups provide to you?

"They are valuable opportunities to meet other people in the same boat as me and learn from their experiences. At times it is a revelation to learn how vast the differences in treatment can be."

What does volunteering for Prostate Cancer UK mean to you?

"Volunteering gives me the chance to help promote the awareness of prostate cancer. This is my prime motivation. It is satisfying to know that your misfortune may help others!"