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The Men United movement is 200,000 strong, and counting. But it would soon grind to a halt if it wasn’t for the best team of volunteers known to man. By joining them, you’ll be making a real difference in the fight against prostate cancer. Have a read below to see what volunteering with us is all about.

This month's focus: Office volunteers


Sam Lucas shares her experience being an office volunteer

“After my husband was made redundant at the same time as I came to the end of a contract at work, we decided to pack our bags and have an adventure. We spent three months in the South West of America, living the dream and just enjoying some time together. When we came back he was able to get another job straight away but I was having more trouble finding the right role. So when I saw an advert for a volunteer in the Prostate Cancer UK office I thought it might be just the thing to give me some more experience and get me out of the house where I was slowly going stir crazy.

I now volunteer four days each week, I spend one day with the volunteer management team and three with corporate partnerships who are responsible for getting lots of wonderful companies to support us.

For me, it's been a huge help. If I'm honest I'm a bit of a loud, openly bisexual middle aged woman with weird hair and tattoos (but keep that to yourselves, they've not seen them yet) so finding the right workplace to accept me can sometimes be challenging. I'd also been suffering with depression and I desperately needed something to lift my spirits. Prostate Cancer UK have welcomed me with open arms and the respect and camaraderie I've discovered there has brought me back into the real world again. I'm very grateful to them for having me and letting me be a part of such vital work.”

If you’re interested in being an office volunteer keep an eye out for opportunities on the volunteer section of our website.

Hosting an information stand

Alister Walker At Dundee College3

Man a stand and get information into the hands of people who need it most. Here, Bob gives his tips on how to be a good host, including setting up, appropriate places and handing out information.

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Talking to the media


Sharing your experience with the media is a great way to build awareness for Prostate Cancer UK. Read John’s tips for dealing with the media, and the importance of preparation before you speak to a reporter.

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Making a difference

Jean Herd

As a volunteer, even small acts can make a huge difference. Jean explains how.

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Being a patient representative


Kenneth discusses the value of being a patient representative, taking part in focus groups and what you can learn from meeting others and sharing your views.

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