Whether you want to man a stand, rattle a tin outside a football match, sit on an advisory panel, or speak at workplaces, it would be a huge help to us. Here are some of the ways you can get involved.

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1: Help us develop our work

People affected by prostate cancer are at the centre of the development of our services and campaigns. That way, we can ensure we meet the needs of men and their families. This can include filling out surveys, attending focus groups and acting as a patient representative at meetings.

2: Campaign locally and nationally

We involve people affected by prostate cancer in every stage of our political campaigns. Activities include writing letters and emails to your MP/MSP, arranging meetings with politicians to discuss issues in prostate cancer care, or campaigning nationally by attending lobby days in Parliament and at the party conferences.

3: Man a stand

We have award-winning publications loaded with vital information about prostate cancer. But they’re no good sitting in boxes. By manning a stand, you’ll help get them in the hands of the men who need them most. You can host a stand in your community, at workplaces or local events.

4: Join our Grants Advisory Panel

We’re looking for volunteers to join our new Grants Advisory Panel. It’s a way to help us ensure the research we fund addresses the most important issues experienced by men living with prostate cancer. Joining the panel would give you the opportunity to read and discuss research grant applications, represent the views of people living with prostate cancer to our Research Advisory Committee and have an impact on the funding decisions made by the committee.

5: Talk to groups about your personal experience

We get lots of requests for volunteers to visit community groups or workplaces to talk about their personal experience of prostate cancer and the work we do. It’s a fantastic way to raise awareness of the disease and the services we provide, so get in touch if you’d like to share your experience.

6: Commenting on publications

We’re really proud that all our publications are reviewed by people affected by prostate cancer. This ensures they are clear and easy to read, as well as helping us achieve the Information Standard accreditation. You’ll be sent draft versions of a publication for your comments, followed by a final copy to review.

7: Helping out at sporting events

We have loads of events throughout the year and we’d welcome your help. Roles include cheering runners at events like the Virgin London Marathon, Jurassic Classic and the BUPA Great North Run, handing out medals and taking photos of participants. Grab a few friends to join you – the more the merrier.

8: Bucket collections

As official charity partner for The Football League we have lots of opportunities to raise money at football matches in England and Wales. Why not get some friends or family to join you, grab your buckets and help football fans part with their cash before kick-off? Check out our infographic to see how we did last year.

9: Providing a case study

We get lots of requests from local and national newspapers, TV channels and radio stations for volunteers to talk about their personal experience of prostate cancer. It's great for adding a human face to a big news story, and for raising awareness of both prostate cancer and Prostate Cancer UK.

10: Give one-to-one support

Your experience of prostate cancer could help another man, or a family member, facing the same disease. As a one-to-one support volunteer, you’ll be matched to a person who calls the helpline, listening to concerns and sharing your own experience.