Information stand

By hosting a stand, you’ll help put valuable information in the hands of men who need it most.


Bob Collins knows a thing or two about hosting a stand. He lives in Scotland, has been a volunteer with Prostate Cancer UK for two years, and shares his top tips below.

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Bob’s top tips

Tell us about hosting an information stand

"Setting up and running a stand for Prostate Cancer UK is very straightforward. They will provide the potential venues and all you need to do is arrive at the allotted time and date, introducing yourself to the nominated contact who will provide a table and location. You can then set up the table with the branded tablecloth and put up the promotional banner. Now you’re ready to face Joe Public."

Where have you hosted information stands?


"I’ve been to garden centres, shopping centres, health centres, individual stores such as Marks & Spencer and other locations such as a college and a rugby festival."


What tips and advice would you give someone who’s hosting an information stand for the first time?

"When you arrive, take a look around the location. Your proposed area may not be the most appropriate. For example at a garden centre it was suggested we set up at the entrance. We asked to be located past the checkout desks. This gave people a chance to see us and decide whether a chat or a donation was appropriate.

Another time at M&S we set the banner up at the top of the escalator and the table a little bit further away. This again gave the public some time to think about Prostate Cancer UK before meeting the volunteer."

What’s the best approach for handing out information?

"I suggest arming yourself with a fistful of information cards and offer, not force, the passing public to take one. Often it is the ladies who will accept information on behalf of their husband or another family member.

Some people will stop for a chat or to accept information. No matter what, it soon becomes apparent that you are offering a very worthwhile service, even if it is only passing on a telephone number or a friendly word.

- Bob Collins