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On tour

In the UK, 1 in 4 Black men will get prostate cancer at some point in their lives compared to 1 in 8 for all men. We think this is unacceptable.

It's important for all Black men to know their risk, so this summer we toured the country to tell people about prostate cancer, the increased risk in Black men and what we could do to help.

It could be you who gets the disease. But it could also be you who saves a friend or family member by talking to them about prostate cancer.

Tour dates

Sadly our Prostate Cancer UK double decker bus has gone back into the depot for this year. However you can read all about what happened on tour in our news and views section.

What can I do now?

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By joining Men United you can show you that you want to fight to help more men survive prostate cancer and enjoy a better quality of life.

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Why we have to act now

According to a recent YouGov survey only 8% of Black men surveyed knew they had an increased risk.

Be honest, before you read this, did you know your risk? Well think about how thousands of men – fathers, brothers, sons, and friends don’t know this vital information.

10,000 men are dying from prostate cancer every year. It’s unacceptable. That’s why we want you to be on our team, help us reach thousands of men and address this injustice.

Find out more about the risk of prostate cancer in Black men

Celebrities supporting the tour

We've got names from the world of sport, entertainment and politics all giving their backing to our tour and increasing awareness of prostate cancer in Black communities.