Group of supporters

We already have a lot in common. You guys get together to do your thing, just like Men United guys. We’d love it if you took one step further and made us your charity, either by doing an event for us or choosing us as your charity of the year.

To do that, just hit the Get Involved button below and tell us your grand plan. We’ll send you fundraising materials to help make your club or group event even more awesome.

Get Involved

Looking for ideas?

Why not hold a Tea for Victory party? We'll provide the invites, recipes, tablecloths and other materials for this 1940s themed event.

Take part in our 10,000 Challenge which honours the 10,000 men who die from prostate cancer every year.

Do a group walk with your club members. We have partnered with Walk4Life so you can set up your walk easily.

Here's to you

We’d like to say a massive thanks to all the clubs and groups that have supported us by raising hundreds of thousands of pounds every year. It’s a big chunk of money that will do a heck of a lot for men facing prostate cancer.