Group of supporters

Calling all sports club members

We'd love your team and ours - Men United - to join together to form a band of allstars. You could make us your charity of the year, hold a Men United event at your club or do something completely different. It doesn't matter what club you belong to: be it bowls, football, golf or swimming, we're all part of the same team.

To do that, just hit the get involved button to tell us your grand plan. We’ll send you fundraising materials to help make your club or group event even more awesome.

Calling all social groups

We know that not all groups are based around sport or membership. In fact, we have lots of supporters who belong to groups based around their hobbies and interests. Whether you are a member of a photography club, floristry group, book club or even your local metal detecting society you can still club together and join us in our fight against prostate cancer.

Looking for ideas?

  • Take part in our 10,000 Challenge which honours the 10,000 men who die from prostate cancer every year.
  • Why not hold a Quiz for Men United, we’ll provide the kit with everything you need to host your quiz anywhere: questions, answers, music and more.
  • If a grill-out's more to your liking, how about hosting a BBQ?
  • Take a look at our full DIY fundraising hub for more ideas...
  • Or shoot us an email at or call 020 3310 7055