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Leeds, The Lake District, Edinburgh 10km, 12km and 10 miles 25 June - 11 September 2016

Have mates who think they’re hard as nails? It’s time to test their theory. Challenge them to Total Warrior, 10K, 12K and 10-mile courses that have been ruthlessly designed by ex-military types to test every bit of your being. The unforgiving terrains, the walls, the fire, the hardcore obstacles, all mean success is pretty much about survival, not speed. All the best!

How to Enter

The online entry system for the 2016 event has now opened, so challenge your mates and sign up now to secure your spot.

Where and when?

  • Leeds: 25 and 26 June
  • Lakes: 6 and 7 August
  • Edinburgh: 10 and 11 September

10 & 12K challenges

Be prepared for steep hills, mud, water, fire and maybe even ice as you’re put through a gruelling race.

10-mile challenge

The 10-mile challenge is aimed at the super fit. You’ll have the honour of facing 8ft walls, tunnels, swamps and fire. That’s the army for you.

Run your questions by us

If you have any queries, please email or call us on 0203 310 7034. We’ll be happy to help.


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