You probably already do loads of great things with your friends. Maybe you're champion pub quizzers, or dazzle the locals with your football skills in park kick-abouts. Now imagine you do these things not just for fun, but for a great cause: Men United.

Men United is our movement for everyone who believes men are worth fighting for. So whatever you love doing, we're ready to give you all the support you need to make it a cracking event.

Get in touch now and be part of Men United. Email the fundraising team or call us on 020 3310 7014

Organise your own walk

Short walks, long walks, tough walks or a walk in the park. Whatever type of walk suits you, organise one with Men United here.

Organising your cycle challenge

Join Men United in the saddle by organising your own cycling challenge. Don’t forget to invite your friends along.

Secured your own run place?

If you already have a place in a running event, use it to join Men United in the fight against prostate cancer.

Organise your own golf day

The golf course is a great place to conduct business. Especially when the business is fighting prostate cancer. Tee up your event now.


BBQing. Possibly the most manly activity known to man. So get your grill on and take the MAN v BBQ challenge in support of Men United.

#Shirt2Work Day

Men United wouldn’t be the same without an opportunity to show your club colours at work. So here it is.

Quiz for Men United

What’s a great way to get friends together to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK? That’s an easy one – host a quiz.

10,000 Challenge

All you need to do is think of an activity that involves the number 10,000, then get friends, family or work colleagues on board and hey presto, you have your challenge.

A to Z of fundraising ideas

Well over 100 different ideas - pick an idea and get raising!

Be a local fundraising hero

Do you think you could be a Local fundraising hero? We want you to tell us how you take the fight to prostate cancer and help us raise money and raise the profile of prostate cancer in your local area.