Tea needs you

Tea for Victory party

Thank you to everyone who has already organised their own Tea for Victory party.  So far we have raised over £10,000, you can join in.

Dust off your teapot, grab your rolling pin and give prostate cancer its marching orders by holding a 1940s themed Tea for Victory party.

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From wearing full 1940s style outfits, making your cakes with a week's worth of rations to just using our themed posters and bunting, make it cake and tea at all costs.

Bake some cakes or hit the shops, grab some sandwiches and invite your family and friends to join you. Once you sign up to host your party we've got lots of useful tips to raise money and make organising your party as easy as possible.

Lucy Weaving held her own Tea for Victory party in memory of her step-father. Read all about her motivations as well as her amazing poem.

Order a 1940s style Tea for Victory pack

We also have exclusive 40s-style materials designed by Wayne Hemingway which we can send you to help decorate your party.  Download the order form or contact the team to order your bunting, tablecloth and cake stand for a small fee of £10 each or if you have any other questions we are always on hand to help.

Why not knit your very own tea cosy for your party? Libby Summers has designed some beautiful tea cosy patterns us. Get yours here!

See some of our amazing supporter's Tea for Victory parties here.

Use the media

Local newspapers and radio stations are always on the lookout for stories about people in their area. Contacting them to share the story of your fundraising could lead to an article or interview. This publicity could help you: raise the profile of your challenge or event; generate more sponsorship locally; make more men aware of prostate cancer and what we can do to help them; and inspire others to join you in fundraising to fight prostate cancer.

You could download a press release template to make the first contact. If journalists need specialist information about prostate cancer or a spokesperson from the charity we will be happy to provide this. They can contact 020 8222 7669 or email pressoffice@prostatecanceruk.org.

Celebrity recipes

We have some delicious recipes provided by top class celebrity chefs to help you have a triumphant Tea for Victory party. Download celebrity recipes.

Send us your photos and stories to events@prostatecanceruk.org. We'd love to see them! 

Tea party bunting"At HemingwayDesign we have a philosophy that 'design is about improving things that matter in life' and at Prostate Cancer UK, the mission is to improve the services and research into the disease in order to help save men's lives - which is vital to men and their families.

I love that the charity has decided to celebrate the contribution that the 1940s has made to our lives through Tea for Victory.  I realise more and more the value in vintage and how "looking back to look forward" is a progressive way of making sure that great fashion and design never fades, stays available for future generations and is re-evaluated like all great things should be. I'm hoping my designs for this event will inspire people's Tea For Victory parties.  Viva La Vintage!"

Wayne Hemingway