Chrissy Blades

Organise your own event

Every year thousands of people decide to organise their own event to raise funds for us.

People organise all kinds of wonderful events, from dinner dances to head shaves.
If you're interested in organising your own event, please click the link below to share your ideas. We can then support you in your planning and provide materials to help you have an amazing event.

By supporting us, you will be part of a growing team that's taking action on men's health - Men United.

Tell us your plans

Need some inspiration?

  1. Have a ball or a party and sell tables to local businesses, friends and family
  2. Get baking! Hold a Tea for Victory Party or a cake sale
  3. Go blue and hold a dress down day at work or a blue fancy dress theme
  4. Host a quiz evening and raffle with prizes donated by local businesses
  5. Do something different like a leg-waxathon or 24-hour silence.

We can help

We will support you in a number of ways including:

  • Hints and tips to help you raise as much money as possible including our Top Ten Tips on how to use social media
  • Fundraising materials to decorate your event, planning advice and press releases for contacting your local media

If you want help with fundraising ideas or need some advice then get in touch, we want to hear about your plans!

You are making a difference!

You are helping support men like Jason:

"When I was told I had prostate cancer, I thought: You've got the wrong bloke, I'm only 40! Trying to get my head around the treatment options, it made a big difference having the nurses at Prostate Cancer UK just a phone call away. In the end I had surgery and my check-ups since have been really positive."