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We're so fortunate to have many dedicated, proud and passionate local heroes, raising money to fight this disease and put prostate cancer on the map as an important issue in their community. Here are just a few heroes we'd like to introduce you to.

Meet Mike

Meet Peter

Meet Bob and Lesley

Meet Mike...

Mike Wilgoss

Mike Willgoss first supported Prostate Cancer UK in 2010/11 when he helped to produce a calendar with the local football club Lowestoft Town FC. Through his efforts and store collections, he raised over £12,500.

Since then, Mike has embarked upon a incredible series of bucket collections in the local supermarkets and stores in the Lowestoft area in Suffolk that have raised several thousand pounds over the past year. He has not stopped there however, and has recruited people and clubs to take part in Movember, secured a £250 donation from NEXT, got us chosen as the official charity for a football tournament, recruited supporters to hold fundraising events and promoted our Tea for Victory and 10,000 Challenge events.

Mike has been supported by his wife Joy, and together they have made a real impact in the local area and beyond. He is a true Local Hero and he has helped to introduce other supporters in the area to the charity.

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Meet Peter...

Peter local hero

Peter's Dad, David, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer in June 2009. Fortunately, within 2 months he had a successful operation and is now living a normal healthy life. At the same time, Peter had previously been on a Ski Touring Expedition to Greenland, and decided to give talks about his trip, with any donations going to Prostate Cancer UK.

Peter has trekked all over his native North East homeland to give over 130 talks to a range of groups including Lions, Rotary, Photographic Societies, U3A, and Townswomen's Guilds during which he has managed to raise to date over £10,500 for Prostate Cancer UK. Peters enthusiasm for expeditions led to him recently participating on a field trip to Antarctica which he is now presenting to his groups.

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Meet Bob and Lesley

Bob and Lesley small

'My husband Bob was first diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in October 2011 at the age of 54. This came as a big shock.

Since Bob's diagnosis we have been inspired to raise awareness of prostate cancer and raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK. Over the last 2 years we have both enjoyed organising and participating in several fund raising events.

In 2011 Bob and I, along with a fantastic team of (25 people) family and friends made it up to the top of Snowden. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed a communal barbeque following the climb. We raised a total of £2,091.37.

Following the success of our Snowden climb the previous year, we decided to organise the same event again. So in September 2012 off we went up Snowden taking a slightly different route. We raised £710.

In Movember 2012 and one of Bob's work colleagues volunteered not only to shave his mousache off but to shave his head and wax his legs and chest! Ouch!! This was done in a the local pub and there was many bids.

Our final official total to date is over £3000 plus an expected approximate £800-£1000 from the Movember event. We have thoroughly enjoyed each fund raising activity we have been involved in. We will continue raising awareness to others about prostate cancer and promoting Prostate Cancer UK.'

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