Abseiling Man Dundee University of Dundee

Dundee Drop 2014

If you fancy a challenge with a difference, then why not take part in this year's abseil from Dundee University's Tower Building!

This 140ft tower gives panoramic views from the top and an abseil is a fun filled way to get back down to earth.

No previous experience is necessary. A team of highly skilled instructors will ensure you are fully equipped to make your abseil as safe and enjoyable as possible.

You can either register as an intrepid individual or perhaps rope in some of your friends. So if you are in need of some team spirit, get some colleagues at work, friends at your local pub or your family to join you.

There is a registration fee of £20 and we ask you to raise a minimum of £120.

You can register here.

We will provide all you need to get your fundraising off the ground from sponsorship forms, to hints and tips to help with roping in your supporters. Once you register online we will send you all the details.