Bratislava or Bust

Bratislava or Bust

Primarily for students this driving adventure is one you will never forget. An incredible experience to celebrate the end of year or just as an added bonus during the summer. Grab your friends and set off on the trip of a lifetime!

This really is no ordinary adventure. Along the way you will be set a series of daily challenges that will test your ingenuity, map reading skills and your ability to barter and negotiate in a foreign language!

The route to Bratislava is yours to take, you can choose to follow our suggestions of spectacular things to see and do along the way or you can plan your own way to the end of the day's route.

Bratislava or Bust will have awesome parties along the way so you can get to know your fellow drivers and with prizes on offer for teams it will be the most fun you've had in a long time. Once you reach Bratislava you can either turn round and have a road trip back, try and sell your car on or we'll help you scrap the vehicle and you can fly back home.

Bratislava or Bust is most definitely an adventure on four wheels and promises an unforgettable road trip to begin your summer, so get your car, grab some friends and let's get going!

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