Policy and Campaigns Forum

We want to make sure we campaign on issues that matter to you. To help us do this, we set up a new Policy and Campaigns Forum in March 2013.

P&C Forum

We have now had three meetings of the Forum, where we - staff, people affected by prostate cancer, clinicians and other supporters - discussed what we should campaign on and where we should find answers. 

The first project to come out of the Forum is on erectile dysfunction. We want to make sure that every man who experiences erectile dysfunction as a result of prostate cancer treatment has access to the best information, services, support and products to help deal with it.

Over the next few months, we will also be doing research into prostate cancer and mental wellbeing, and the specialist nurse workforce. And we'll be campaigning for a cancer patient experience survey in Scotland (to follow those in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.)

What would you like to see us take action on? 

Please send us your suggestions for what improvements you'd like to see for men with prostate cancer and prostate disease, and the Policy and Campaigns Forum will discuss them. You can send them to lizzie.flew@prostatecanceruk.org, or call 020 3310 7118.

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