P&C Forum

We want to make sure we campaign on issues that matter to you.

Get in touch with Lizzie and tell us what you think needs changing: lizzie.flew@prostatecanceruk.org or 020 3310 7118.

The Forum meets three times a year to discuss what our campaigns team should be campaigning on, and where we should find answers. Members of the Forum are:

  • people affected by prostate cancer
  • health professionals
  • Prostate Cancer UK staff

The first project the Forum put forward - and the campaigns team took on - was erectile dysfunction. Every man who experiences erectile dysfunction as a result of prostate cancer treatment needs access to the best support.

Following suggestions from the Forum, we have also:

  • researched the link between prostate cancer and mental wellbeing
  • researched the specialist nurse workforce
  • started campaigning for a cancer patient experience survey in Scotland to follow those in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
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