5 inequalities, 5 solutions

We've been speaking to MPs and MSPs about 'Men United v Prostate Cancer: Five inequalities, five solutions'.

We've produced a document for MPs and a document for MSPs. We're asking for their support in tackling the five inequalities we've identified:

  • lack of awareness about prostate cancer
  • the poorer experience that Black men with prostate cancer have
  • variation across the UK in the care that men receive
  • the differences experienced by older and younger men
  • inequality in access to treatments.

Tell your local politicians about the document, so that they can learn about these important issues and help us take action. 

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Campaign update

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On 7 August, another team of Men United campaigners went to the Scottish Parliament to talk to MSPs about inequalities experienced by men with prostate cancer in Scotland.

Holyrood 2014 - 5 Inequalities

Here are a few photos from Westminster of campaigners and the MPs we met:

And here are some from our day in Holyrood: