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We’ve been campaigning since 2009, here are some highlights of our work so far. Thank you to all our supporters, men with prostate cancer and their families, health professionals and politicians who have supported our campaigns.

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Campaign update

2013 and 2014 have been busy years for us.

Access to medicines

We won an award for our 2012 campaign to get abiraterone approved on the NHS for men who've already had chemotherapy, and to follow that up in 2013 we worked with volunteers to make the case for the drug enzalutamide to be available on the NHS. We’re delighted to say that the SMC (Scottish Medicines Consortium) backed our position and has now approved the drug for use in Scotland for men who've had chemotherapy. We are now challenging NICE's decision about the drug’s use in England and Wales. It’s great news that more prostate cancer drugs are coming through the pipeline. Together we are making sure that men’s voices are heard when they are assessed for use on the NHS.

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Here's a snapshot of our work from 2009 - 2012

2012 - Value-based pricing
When the Government announced that from 2014 all new branded drugs will be assessed using value-based pricing, we wanted to make sure that people affected by cancer had a say in this new system. We worked with thirteen other leading cancer charities to produce a report - Value-based pricing: Getting it right for people with cancer. This sets out the key recommendations which came out of research we commissioned. 

2012 - Abiraterone
We're delighted that post-chemotherapy abiraterone is now available to men regardless of where they live in the UK. Initially the drug was rejected for use on the NHS. But we campaigned with supporters against this decision, and in June 2012 the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) reversed its draft decision for England and Wales, the Health Department in Northern Ireland endorsed this decision, and the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) followed suit.