5 inequalities, 5 solutions

Hand holding up inequalities report in front of Palace of Westminster

We've been speaking to MPs and MSPs about 'Men United v Prostate Cancer: Five inequalities, five solutions'.

We've produced a document for MPs and a document for MSPs. We're asking for their support in tackling the five inequalities we've identified:

  • lack of awareness about prostate cancer
  • the poorer experience that Black men with prostate cancer have
  • variation across the UK in the care that men receive
  • the differences experienced by older and younger men
  • inequality in access to treatments.

Tell your local politicians about the document, so that they can learn about these important issues and help us take action. 

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Why do we campaign?

We want services and care for men with prostate cancer to be the very best, so we campaign alongside our supporters for improvements. We collect evidence for our campaigns, and make sure we target the key decision-makers to get the change we want to see. We need your help. Please sign up to receive our newsletter to find out how you can get involved.

Our current campaigns

  • Abiraterone before chemotherapy

    Abiraterone, a drug which could delay the need for men with advanced prostate cancer to have chemotherapy, has been rejected by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) for routine use on the NHS in England and Wales. The relevant authorities in Scotland and Northern Ireland have yet to decide on this.

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  • 5 inequalities, 5 solutions

    Hand holding up inequalities report in front of Palace of Westminster

    Help us tackle the inequalities that men with prostate cancer experience

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  • Enzalutamide

    We want men across the UK to be able to access the best treatments available to them, including enzalutamide. Sadly, this is not currently the case.

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  • A quality checklist: Your standards of care

    We've launched our Quality Checklist to help make quality care a reality for all men with prostate cancer.

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  • Value-based assessment

    From 2014 all new branded drugs will be subject to a different process of drug pricing known as value-based assessment. We are working with other cancer charities to ensure the views of people affected by cancer are put at the heart of the new policy.

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Our past campaigns

We closed our Testing Choices campaign in 2013. Find out more.