We have created surgery support packs designed to help men prepare for radical prostatectomy (surgery) and cope with any problems leaking urine after their catheter is removed.

These packs are free and ready for you to order now.

The packs contain:

  • information about the operation
  • what side effects to expect and how to cope with them
  • a supply of male incontinence pads for initial containment
  • disposable sanitary bags and cleansing wipes
  • information to promote rehabilitation

We believe all men undergoing surgery should receive this information. Please use these packs with your patients, sharing them pre-prostatectomy, in preparation for their treatment. Note that the packs are aimed at supporting men in the early stages post-surgery and do not cover long-term incontinence.

Feedback from nurses has been extremely positive

…I think this is a huge step forward in helping men who are undergoing surgery for prostate cancer…

- Senior Urology Nurse Specialist

You can request up to ten packs per order for your hospital.

Order or download surgery support packs

Download the pilot report of the surgery support packs.