Prostate Cancer UK will consider bursary applications from Organisations, Institutions and Professional Bodies (hereafter referred to as ‘Organisations’) providing UK based, face-to-face education activities on prostate disease for health, allied health, and social care professionals. Activities are defined as training events, study days, conferences, clinical updates or similar.  

These bursaries are intended to support education activities that meet one or more of the Quality Checklist Learning Objectives; these objectives outline the Prostate Cancer UK priority areas for education. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

This bursary scheme will consider applications for up to £5000 per education activity.


Organisational bursary applications are reviewed on an individual basis. Organisations should contact the education team at Prostate Cancer UK in the first instance to discuss their eligibility and to receive an application pack. The education team can be contacted via email or phone 0203 310 7000. 

Examples of Organisations eligible and encouraged to apply are; NHS Organisations, hospitals, community based health and social care Organisations, universities/colleges, health professional bodies/associations or similar.

Prostate Cancer UK will not consider applications:

  • For activities based outside the UK
  • For activities that do not have a clear focus on prostate disease
  • For online educational activity or e-learning packages
  • For retrospective activities - only applications for future educational activities will be eligible. It is advisable for applications to be submitted at least 3 months before the activity is scheduled to take place.
  • For bursaries for more than £5000 per activity
  • For applications from individual health and social care professionals – (there are separate bursary schemes available for individuals wishing to apply)

The application process

If funding is required for more than one education activity, a separate application must be submitted for each activity. If the same education activity is to be run multiple times, the Organisation can use one application form, and provide details of the locations and dates of the subsequent repeated activity, as specified on the form.

Multiple applications, for more than one educational activity, submitted by the same Organisation will be considered. However, Prostate Cancer UK will take into consideration any previous successful applications when making assessments.

Bursary applications for activities focused on prostate cancer must demonstrate that the planned activity targets at least one of the Quality Checklist Learning Objectives. These objectives outline Prostate Cancer UK’s priority areas for professional education on prostate cancer.

Applications for activities focused on benign disease must clearly outline the activity’s learning objectives, as specified in the application form.

Prostate Cancer UK

Prostate Cancer UK will assess each activity based on the online application and any additional documents provided. Grants will be awarded at Prostate Cancer UK’s discretion.  

Prostate Cancer UK aims to respond with a successful or unsuccessful decision within four to six weeks of receiving the application. This timing is indicative only; the process can take longer if the assessment panel require additional information in order to come to a decision. Prostate Cancer has the right to request additional information when considering an application.

If the Organisation is successful, Prostate Cancer UK will provide them with an official statement of acknowledgement for the bursary.

If the Organisation is successful, Prostate Cancer UK will pay the agreed bursary directly, and in full, to the Organisation hosting the education activity, within thirty days of receipt of an invoice from the Organisation. Please note the charity will not pay invoices in any currency other than UK pounds. 

Prostate Cancer UK reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time, both before and after an Organisation receive the bursary.

As there are a limited number of bursaries available, Prostate Cancer UK reserve the right to offer partial bursaries if this is deemed appropriate. This decision will be made on a case by case basis.

The Organisation

All submitted applications must identify a lead contact for the application process. The lead contact will represent the Organisation and be responsible for all liaisons with Prostate Cancer UK and for ensuring the terms and conditions of the bursary are adhered to.

The Organisation must notify the education team at Prostate Cancer UK immediately if there are any changes to the details for the lead contact.

The education team at Prostate Cancer UK must be kept up-to-date of any significant changes to the event structure, programme, and educational content or to those delivering the activity, both before and after a bursary is issued.

The Organisation is aware that the education team at Prostate Cancer UK reserves the right to send a representative to the sponsored activity, at any time during the activity. The Organisation will be provided with reasonable notice if a representative will be attending. 

If the Organisation wishes to withdraw from the bursary process or, if the activity is cancelled, the education team at Prostate Cancer UK must be notified immediately. Prostate Cancer UK will engage in discussions with the lead contact in order to arrive at a workable solution. Applicants should note the bursary may be required to be returned in its entirety to Prostate Cancer UK.

The lead contact must provide the education team at Prostate Cancer UK with evidence via email that the activity went ahead as planned, within two months of the activity ending.

All educational activities under the Organisational bursary scheme must be evaluated by the Organisation hosting the activity (or, a partner of), and include three key evaluation questions provided by Prostate Cancer UK. More information about this can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions document.

All evaluation forms and analysis documents must be kept by the Organisation for one year after the activity, copies of which may be requested by Prostate Cancer UK. A summary of the evaluation feedback must be submitted to Prostate Cancer UK within two months of the activity ending. More information about this can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions document.

The Organisation is responsible for ensuring that relevant equality legislation is complied to at all stages of the event management.

The Organisation is responsible for ensuring venues used for the activity comply with relevant health and safety legislation.

If successful in their application, the Organisation agrees to their activity being advertised on the Prostate Cancer UK website, unless otherwise specified in their application form. 

If successful in their application, the Organisation agrees to advertising the receipt of their bursary from Prostate Cancer UK on their promotional/delegate material, as specified in the Frequently Asked Questions document and the bursary logo guidance document. 

Queries and Complaints

Queries about the terms and conditions should be addressed via email to the education team at Prostate Cancer UK.

If you have any queries or concerns relating to the processing of your application please contact the education team at Prostate Cancer UK.