By accepting a bursary from Prostate Cancer UK you are also agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions as outlined below. It is therefore important that you read and understand them prior to accepting the bursary.

1. Scope

1.1 This bursary scheme is designed to support professionals who work with patients affected by prostate cancer, and who work within, or are working towards a specialist/advanced practice role in this field, to undertake the distance learning Masters Degree in Prostate Cancer Care at Sheffield Hallam University.

1.2 Funding for this bursary scheme is provided to successful applicants on a yearly basis and is reviewed annually. Please see point 4.4 for more information.

1.3 The Masters Degree in Prostate Cancer Care is a part-time course, over a maximum of six years. In addition, each component, intermediate award (i.e. the Post Graduate Certificate in Prostate Cancer Care and Post Graduate Diploma in Prostate Cancer Care) need to be completed within a maximum of 3 years. Prostate Cancer UK will not provide funding for applicants undertaking the full Masters Degree in Prostate Cancer Care for more than six years, and will not fund each intermediate award for more than 3 years each.

1.4 Prostate Cancer UK have a limited number of bursaries available for this scheme and they are intended to cover, or part-cover, the UK and EU tuition fees for the Masters Degree in Prostate Cancer Care only. Prostate Cancer UK will not provide funding for associated costs such as books, travel or other expenses at this time.

2. Eligibility

2.1 The applicant must currently be employed (full or part time) as a registered health professional or allied health professional in the UK and provide evidence of this if their application is successful.

2.2 The applicant must be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) or other appropriate regulatory body, and provide details of this as specified in the application form.  

2.3 The applicant must currently work with men (and/or their families) who have prostate cancer, as a core requirement of their current employment. This will be assessed by Prostate Cancer UK based on the information the applicant provides in their application form.

2.4 The applicant must demonstrate an on-going professional commitment to the care of men (and/or their families) with prostate cancer. As such, the applicant must work within, or be working towards, a specialist/advanced practice role within the prostate cancer field. This will be assessed by Prostate Cancer UK based on the information the applicant provides in their application form.

2.5 In order to receive the bursary from Prostate Cancer UK, the successful applicant must provide evidence, such as a copy of their enrolment letter or similar (via email to, to confirm they are fully enrolled on the Masters Degree in Prostate Cancer Care course at Sheffield Hallam University.

2.6 Prostate Cancer UK does not provide bursaries retrospectively. If you have already paid your fees, and are looking to apply for a bursary to retrospectively cover these fees, please contact the Education team ( in the first instance to discuss your individual circumstance. 

2.7 Prostate Cancer UK will review applications under this scheme on a monthly basis. However, it is advisable that applicants apply for a bursary at least two months before their course start date.

3. The Applicant

3.1 The applicant must agree to commit to, and engage with, the requirements and programme for the Masters Degree in Prostate Cancer Care at Sheffield Hallam University, for example adhering to rules and regulations regarding attendance, participation, assessment and code of conduct.

3.2 The applicant must provide the Education team at Prostate Cancer UK with a copy of their certificate or similar at the end of each academic year, to confirm they are meeting the necessary course requirements. The applicant must also provide Prostate Cancer UK with a copy of their transcript at the end of their course to confirm that they have successfully completed the Masters Degree in Prostate Cancer Care. The applicant should send a copy of their certificates, transcript or similar to the Education team via email (

3.3 If the applicant wishes to withdraw (temporarily or permanently) from the educational initiative, or is not meeting the necessary course requirements, they must notify the Education team at Prostate Cancer UK immediately. Prostate Cancer UK will engage in discussions with the applicant in order to arrive at a workable solution. Applicants in this situation, who are already in receipt of the bursary, may be required to return the bursary in its entirety to Prostate Cancer UK.

3.4 Please note that if the applicant chooses to defer, alter their mode of attendance or fails/repeats a year, they should not assume that financial support from Prostate Cancer UK will continue. The applicant is advised to contact the Education team at Prostate Cancer UK to discuss their individual situation. Prostate Cancer UK will then engage in discussions with the applicant regarding whether their funding will continue. It is not automatic that Prostate Cancer UK will provide additional funding to cover a repeated year or module of study.

3.5 The successful applicant agrees to completing a short questionnaire and telephone interview conducted by the Education team (or, a partner of) at Prostate Cancer UK to evaluate the bursary scheme. The applicant understands that they will be contacted by Prostate Cancer UK to agree a mutually suitable time to participate in the evaluation. The applicant understands that the feedback provided may be shared with Prostate Cancer UK's funding partners, and may also be used for publicity purposes by Prostate Cancer UK and/or Prostate Cancer UK's funding partners.  

3.6 The successful applicant may be required to submit a case study evaluating their experience of the bursary scheme and the Masters Degree in Prostate Cancer Care course. The applicant understands that this may be used by Prostate Cancer UK, and/or its funding partners, for publicity purposes.

3.7 If successful, the applicant agrees to Prostate Cancer UK publicising their receipt of a bursary from the charity on the Prostate Cancer UK website. 

4. Prostate Cancer UK

4.1 Prostate Cancer UK will assess each applicant based on their online application and CV. Grants will be awarded at Prostate Cancer UK's discretion. Prostate Cancer UK reserves the right to request additional information from the applicant (to be used as part of the assessment), where required.

4.2 Prostate Cancer UK aims to respond to applicants with a successful or unsuccessful decision within four to six weeks of receiving the application. The applicant understands that this may take longer if additional information is required to support their application.

4.3 If the applicant is successful, Prostate Cancer UK will provide the applicant with an official statement of acknowledgement for the bursary to present to Sheffield Hallam University.

4.4 The funding for the Masters Degree in Prostate Cancer Care will be issued on an annual basis, paid directly to Sheffield Hallam University upon receipt of an invoice from the institution. Whilst Prostate Cancer UK endeavours to provide funding for the successful applicant's tuition fees throughout the entire duration of the degree, Prostate Cancer UK reserve the right to withdraw funding where funding is no longer available. The applicant thus understands that their bursary funding will be reviewed at the end of each academic year. Each case will be reviewed on an individual basis and the applicant will be informed in writing as to whether further funding is available for the next academic year (The applicant will be informed approximately two months before the start of their next academic year; either September or January depending on when the applicant started the course). The applicant is advised to ensure that the necessary arrangements are in place to fund their course before enrolling for the next academic session.

4.5 Prostate Cancer UK reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions, both before and after an applicant receives the bursary. The terms and conditions for this scheme will be available on the Prostate Cancer UK website, and it is the applicant's responsibility to proactively review the terms and conditions from time-to-time and make note of any amendments.

4.6 Prostate Cancer UK will not pass on the information provided in the application form to any third parties. However, Prostate Cancer UK will use the contact information provided to send the applicant relevant updates about the charity. There is the option on the application form to 'opt out' of receiving this information, and the applicant can unsubscribe from receiving these updates at any time.  

5. Queries and Complaints

5.1 Queries about the terms and conditions should be addressed via email to the Education team ( at Prostate Cancer UK.

5.2 If you have any queries or concerns relating to the processing of your application or your bursary please contact the Education team ( 

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