Movember plays a critical role in the continued fight against prostate cancer.

Without the support of Movember we would not be able to continue to fund innovative research or provide support and information to men at a time when they need it most.


Between 2012 and 2015, Movember will have invested a whopping £21 million plus in ourr esearch - helping us reach our lofty goal to fund world class science that aims to identify men at highest risk of getting aggressive prostate cancer, develop better tests to tell aggressive from non-aggressive cancer, and find new targeted treatments for advanced prostate cancer.

This includes funding for the Movember Centres of Excellence– a real highlight of our partnership so far. Throughout the world, the researchers and clinicians who make the biggest impact in prostate cancer research are all based in centres of excellence, but until we got together with Movember to change that, no such centre existed in the UK.

As well as bringing together expert researchers and cliniciansfrom different specialties, the Movember Centres of Excellence also provide a world-class training ground for the scientists of the future. Together, we’re building a legacy of top prostate cancer researchersin the UK.

Support and information for men

Funding from Movember is helping us provide vital support and information for men and their families. We’ve been able to expand our existing services and develop new services across the country to reach and support as many men as possible. This includes:

  • Information  

    We provide free information on prostate cancer and prostate diseases that can be tailored to the needs of each man.

  • Helpline  

    Our UK-wide telephone and email helpline is staffed by specialist nurses dedicated to supporting anyone with questions or concerns about prostate cancer and prostate problems.

  • One-to-one support  

    We give people confronting prostate cancer the opportunity to talk with trained support volunteers who have had a similar experience.

  • Online community  

    Our welcoming and supportive online community has over 7,000 members sharing their experiences of prostate cancer. It is a place where anyone affected by prostate cancer can seek and offer support, ask questions and share information and stories.

  • Get back on track  

    A telephone service run by our specialist nurses to support men dealing with fatigue to support and encourage men to try techniques and lifestyle changes to help them manage their fatigue.

  • Our health and social care professionals  

    To make sure that men receive the best possible support, we are funding health and social care professional roles throughout the UK. These specialist roles work to improve care for men with prostate cancer on a local level.

  • Regional services  

    We are expanding our services across the UK to make sure more men living with and after prostate cancer have access to the care and support they need in their area.We now have regional offices covering Scotland, the North West, the North East, the Midlands, Wales, London and the South East.

  • Volunteers  

    Recruiting and retaining more trained volunteers to support all our activities across the country.

  • Education for health professionals  

    Delivering knowledge and expertise to health professionals to improve treatment, support and care for men with prostate cancer.

Leading change in men's health

Our policy and evidence project is all about supporting our charity to lead change in men’s health. We carry out research, gather information about men’s needs and prostate cancer, and use it to inform how we work with decision makers and health services to get a better deal for men with prostate cancer.