The programme

What’s the project?

The Education Programme aims to improve the skills and knowledge of health professionals so they can provide better care to men with prostate cancer. It is funded by the Movember Foundation, whose support has enabled us to greatly expand our educational activities since 2012.

How does it work?

Our education programme includes face to face teaching, online learning and educational bursaries. We involve trained volunteers to share personal experiences with health professionals, so they are aware of men’s needs. We work together with experts and leading medical organisations, so that we can offer a comprehensive programme that supports health professionals of all disciplines to develop their expertise.

How was it evaluated?

We used evidence from the evaluation forms completed after our events or activities; in-depth follow-up interviews with health professionals who had used our services, an online consultation about the impact of the programme and telephone interviews with our organisational partners. We also included existing evaluation reports such as our work on evaluating our Patients as Educators programme.

What did we learn?

We found that:

  • The quality of our education is thought to be very high - for example 100% of participants who replied to this question said that the Primary Care Masterclasses met their expectations and that they would recommend them to a colleague.
  • There are indications that the health professionals’ learning is likely to have an impact on practice and on men and their families: 98% of respondents felt the face to face training had led to a greater understanding of the needs of patients.
  • Our partner relationships are an important part of the education programme, allowing us to set up new initiatives.
  • Because of the freedom to innovate and experiment, we have been able to develop successful and novel projects such as the Patients as Educators programme (which promotes the voice of the patient in clinical education in an educational and informative way).

I enjoyed the course and was surprised by how much I didn't know about prostate cancer and its treatment. This course has really broadened my knowledge and will improve my ability to care for prostate patients.

What impact is it having for men?

For men affected by prostate cancer, there is evidence to suggest an impact is being made by health professionals acting on their learning in relation to:

  • Improving practitioners’ clinical knowledge and awareness.
  • Improving practitioner confidence and communication with men with prostate cancer.
  • Improving the information given to men and their partners.
  • Sharing knowledge with colleagues.
  • Increasing referrals to aligned services and groups.
  • Influencing the shape of services offered to men.

For further information on any of these points please download the full summary report.

What will we do now?

  • We will be using our findings from the evaluation report to embed a robust evaluation approach into the education programme to measure its impact.
  • We will be looking into new ways we can measure the impact of our education programme for men and their families.
  • We will build on the current evaluation by continuing to conduct telephone interviews with health professionals to better understand how we can develop our education programme further.

How can I find out more?

Read the report