What’s the project?

Keyline is the UK’s leading builder’s merchant company with over 1,000 staff. Prostate Cancer UK first became the company’s charity partner in 2009 following a staff vote, and the partnership has grown and developed since then. In 2011 86% of staff voted to extend the partnership by two years.

The partnership project has four main objectives:

  1. Generate income for Prostate Cancer UK
  2. Increase staff pride
  3. Build relationships with customers and suppliers
  4. Raise awareness of prostate cancer. 

How does it work?

Keyline works together with Prostate Cancer UK to raise money for our cause and to raise awareness among Keyline’s staff and a wider audience. Over the last four years more than £700,000 has been raised through the partnership, including an impressive £300,000 raised from Keyline’s branches around the UK.

How was it evaluated?

The evaluation looked at how well the partnership was meeting each of the four objectives. It consisted of an online survey completed by 131 Keyline staff, 12 telephone interviews with senior managers from both Keyline and Prostate Cancer UK conducted in September to November 2013, and other data including feedback from those involved in the partnership.

What did we learn?

The Keyline partnership is an effective corporate partnership that works to benefit both the charity and the organisation. We found that the four objectives of the partnership were successfully met, because:

  • Keyline staff have consistently raised more money than the targets that were set
  • Cause related marketing, where a share of a product’s sales are donated to charity, was particularly effective in increasing sales and meeting the target for donations
  • Feedback showed that staff felt pride in raising money for a worthy cause, which helped to boost morale and had a positive impact on business relationships
  • There was a good fit between the two organisations
  • Staff thought that the raising of awareness was one of the best things about the partnership, with an overwhelming majority of staff surveyed saying that they were more aware of who is at risk of prostate cancer.

The feeling we’ve got involved and made a difference has resounded through the company.. the money raised, but most importantly, the awareness of what can and should be done at the early stages [of prostate cancer]. Keyline have helped to promote that and bring knowledge to the public.

- Keyline senior manager


A lot of staff take pride in what they do for the charity. Keyline staff are the most focussed on charity out of the whole Travis Perkins group.

- Keyline staff member


What will we do now?

We will continue to develop the partnership to raise awareness of our cause and grow the opportunities to give, including gifts in kind and volunteering.

To support the fundraising activity, we have created a fundraising Toolkit to help the branches to continue to meet their fundraising targets, and to enjoy the experience.

To continue the levels of staff pride, we will publicise the success of the partnership and continue to share the difference that their contributions are making to those affected by prostate cancer.

How can I find out more?

Read the report (PDF)