Previous campaigns  

From our inception in 1996, our brand had been through a number of different styles. In 2012 we underwent a radical change. We were a growing and successful organisation but felt something was missing. Public awareness of our work and the issue of prostate cancer remained low. To be able to shout about men’s health to the rooftops,we needed to raise our voice. We needed a new identity.

Our new identity was born through a process of internal and external analysis, and we were brutally honest with ourselves. We found we were tired of appearing old fashioned, clinical and unemotional. We didn’t like how often we spoke in euphemisms and avoided fighting talk. We were shocked by how far men had gone from being at the centre of everything we do. It was time to grow up.

We worked out what we wanted to look, sound and act like, and what our supporters and partners thought too. From 1 July 2012 the Prostate Cancer Charity was no more. We became Prostate Cancer UK.

Since that date, our brand has won industry awards and public recognition; we’ve moved from 56th debut place on the Third Sector Charity Brand Index in 2012 to 36th in 2013, ahead of many charities twice our size. We’ve launched TV adverts, UK-wide poster campaigns, and strengthened our activity on all fronts. We’ve stamped our identity on men’s health in the UK.


What do you get if you mix Bill Bailey, a truly frightening statistic, and a big old hammer? Prostate Cancer UK’s award-winning 2013 campaign, the Sledgehammer Fund, that’s what. Bringing together celebrities and our first ever television advert, the Sledgehammer Fund opened up the bleary post New Year eyes of the UK to the reality of prostate cancer in January 2013.


Launched as part of the Sledgehammer Fund, the Nutcracker Suite was an innovative digital fundraiser that aimed to crack 10,000 walnuts over a two week period – one for every £5 donation to the Sledgehammer Fund received by text or online in January 2013.

The Nutcracker suite was based in a shop front in central London. At the anvil, sledgehammer in hand, were hundreds of our supporters, from celebrities to corporate partners, staff and volunteers to Ambassadors and Trustees.  We’re afraid to say that many walnuts were smashed in the making of this film.

Stand By Your Man

Nobody messes with Ray Winstone, but in our award-winning Father’s Day film, he shows that even the hardest of men can be knocked down by prostate cancer. The film aired on ITV4 on Father’s Day 2013, the culmination of a week-long partnership between Prostate Cancer UK and ITV: Stand By Your Man.

For a week, ITV daytime shows such as Loose Women and This Morning, and ITV newsrooms across the country, featured case studies, personal stories and interviews with our celebrity ambassadors to help raise awareness of prostate cancer.

Women - proven to be a major force in the fight against breast cancer – were asked to join the Stand By Your Man campaign by pledging to talk to the men in their lives about the potential symptoms of prostate cancer, and who is most at risk.